TEAR Stitches
TEAR Stitches was founded by Ryan Dougherty in 2017. Ryan and Blake Neubert have been friends for many years and have worked together in the past. Ryan started TEAR Stitches because he is a fan of Blake's work and wanted to make his artwork more available. TEAR Stitches is a very small operation and not Ryan's day job, but something he is very passionate about. If you have questions about products or just want to chat, email Ryan at tearstitches777@gmail.com

Blake is a versatile fine artist who has had several successful careers. He is well known for his beautiful western artwork and Neubert was accepted into the "Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale" as the youngest artist ever to participate. Blake's artwork is as interesting as he is as a person. Blake does art workshops throughout the US and is a tattoo artist. ...but, you probably know him as the master of horror art and subversion with his immensely satisfying scrape off paintings. Proving yet again, the world is a fantastic dark place just under the surface. You have probably ran into Blake's work as featured on BUZZFEEDYOUTUBE,  VIRALNOVA, and INKEDMAG

TEAR Stitches
We produce high quality clothing and products. Some designs are our own and some feature the artwork of world renowned artist Blake Neubert. We are passionate about sharing intriguing artwork through comfortable fashion.